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About us

TDS is a global oilfield equipment company specializing surface and subsea in pressure products well intervention products, drilling products, down hole products, and tubular products. Ln particular,TDS has a wide range of products for surface and subsea pressure applications. From system designs and individual products to technical support, our Pressure Products group delivers exceptional pressure control solutions for your unique challenges.
TDS provides sales and renting service, consulting, training and 24/7 after marketing service.Equipped with a large warehouse, TDS is able to reserve enough BOPs and all kinds parts to meet the emergent needs of our clients.
We conduct our work with absolute respect for our customers, employees and the environment in the full time effort to pursue excellence. TDS is a quality focused manufacturer dedicated to continuous improvement through management and innovation.


Company: TDS Equipment and Service Inc.
Contact: Steven Liu 
Address: 6100 CORPORATE DRIVE, SUITE 588, HOUSTON TX 77036